Greg Anderson


Greg began playing ambience music in restaurants in 1979 and worked this type of job until 1990, playing instrumental only. He continued as a piano bar entertainer, working dueling piano clubs in Oklahoma City, Augusta, GA, Savannah, GA and Jackson, MS. Although he continues to do dueling clubs occasionally most of his current work is solo. Since 1992, Greg has worked almost exclusively overseas, usually in Europe and the Middle East.

He has worked numerous boat jobs, including overnight ferries, cruise ships and some privately booked cruises, mostly in Europe. Diversity is Greg’s strong suite, as he frequently plays all-request shows for audiences of widely diverse ages. He has played various roles in church music, worked as accompanist for Ballet Oklahoma, played the oldies for mature audiences onboard the American Queen riverboat, pounded our Rock-n-Roll and Pop standards for the boisterous Scandinavian pianobar crowds, and performed numerous private affairs like corporate parties and weddings.


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