Company Philosophy

Cruise Artistes International is dedicated to the highest possible business and professional standards, with a company philosophy founded upon courtesy, trust, honesty and integrity – between all parties.

CAI goes to great lengths to ensure that its clients are not only of the finest quality, but also that they are suitable candidates for shipboard life. Working in a cruise ship entertainment department is, without doubt, very attractive and rewarding. However, the demanding nature of a typical contract, especially for cruise staff, is something that not everyone is capable of sustaining.

The ability to work as part of a team, often under stressful circumstances, is therefore of vital importance. With this in mind, CAI fully briefs all of its clients in every aspect of shipboard life BEFORE they step aboard. If, in the opinion of CAI, it is felt that a person is not temperamentally suited to life on board, they would not be recommended to a prospective cruise ship employer, no matter how talented.